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Our Mission

The Liphe Balance Center 's mission is to nourish the body, spirit and mind of each person for optimal healing and transformation. We empower each individual to take their health back into their own hands.

At the Center, we collaborate with each unique client as a partner in rejuvenation and health, which is where the potential of transformation exists. Our role is to empower you and facilitate your internal process so you can live at a new level of health, consciousness and vitality.

Your dietary and lifestyle choices result not only in how your body looks and feels, but how you embrace and approach life. We exist synergistically with our body, spirit and mind which we believe are all affected when the body breaks down. Addressing all systems simultaneously, the recovery is integrated and healing is expedited. When the body is in a state of acidosis it produces internal and external chaos. Our bodies run on electrical energy and that is derived from healthy, organic, live sources. We have one body to live in and being aware of this connection will result in true alignment. Being aware isn't enough, you need to take charge of your body with action.