Andrea Candee

Don't let the media hype get you nervous. Be pro-active rather than reactive this flu season. Come to this timely and informative workshop to learn how to protect the whole family with herbal immune system supports. Learn about preventative and treatment methods for the flu and how you can put together a flu prevention package for you and your family.

Andrea's training as an interfaith minister and master herbalist, along with her intuitive gifts as a clear channel, help you connect with your Higher Self, guiding your emotional and health discovery session. Receiving more clarity and tools regarding emotional issues and relationships, and where your physical weaknesses are, helps you formulate a more focused and pro-active plan for moving forward. Emotional issues may be causing your organs and glands to weaken, attracting illness. Pathogens (parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses) may be draining you on many levels without your knowing it. You do not have to be an expression of your family history, emotionally or physically! Choose to be all that you can be by choosing the healthiest journey.

Andrea Candee

Andrea Candee, MH, MSC, is a master herbalist with a practice in South Salem, NY. She lectures about taking charge of your health naturally and is an instructor of botanical medicine at The New York Botanical Garden. Her book, Gentle Healing for Baby and Child (Simon & Schuster), was awarded The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval.