Liquid Feast!

No deprivation...only rejuvenation!

Delicious soups, smoothies and avocado salads to live for!

Through our alkaline cleanse and education you incorporate a lifestyle which is much more then a cleanse. Alkalinity calms the body, reduces inflammation and acidity.
When your body is acidic it is in chaos which does not lend itself to a feeling of peace and tranquility. As you cleanse and ground through the essential minerals, nutrients and oils you start to balance so there is not resistance, it is a gentle cleanse that works with the body not putting it in a state of deprivation ...only wholeness..

Benefits include:

• Renewed Energy – Clear Thinking

• Elimination of Harmful Toxins

• Less Aches and Pains - Decreased Inflammation

• Weight Loss - Overcoming Cravings

• Better Digestion - Better Sleep

What's Included:

• Cooking and Food Prep Classes

• Supportive Group Meetings - Education for a Healthy Lifestyle

• Gentle Exercise Sessions - Body Composition Analysis

• Alkaline Water / Oxygen Therapy / Nebulizing Treatments / Infra-Red Sauna

• Personalized Supplementation Program at 20% off

* Each morning the Liquid Feast begins with stimulating lymphatic movement, a delicious smoothie, talks by our experienced staff, and a Q&A.

* The day progresses with body composition analysis revealing your inner terrain, exercise sessions, oxygen therapy, guided meditation, infra-red sauna, nebulizing treatments, and more.

* When we break for lunch we review & individualize your supplement program.

Services designed to enhance your cleanse are available at an additional fee:

• Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis at a reduced rate

• Alkaline Colonics - recommended before, during & after to cleanse old debris

• Guided Electro-Lymphatic Drainage – recommended in conjunction with colonics

• Intuitive sessions available for working through emotional issues

The Liquid Feast program addresses physical, emotional and spiritual growth

while creating space for healing, peace and clarity.

We are committed to helping you realize your goals with individual support. Your success is our gift.

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"I learned more in 3 days at LipHe Balance than I did in 5 days (x2) at Canyon Ranch! And it was a better value! This experience really inspired me to treat myself better! Barbara has found the "best of the best" in terms of products, services and resources. Her passion to move everyone to a better, healthier place is contagious but not obnoxious. She and her team help you to enjoy the journey to a healthier you!"

Lynne Marino - Financial Advisor

WFSB looks into high-alkaline diet and cleanse

The Liphe Balance Center of Weston, CT

Barbara Slaine, Director

Andrea Candee, MH, MSC ~ Laura Dorr

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