Electro-Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system's healthy functioning is essential to the draining and detoxifying of toxic substances, and maintaining a vital immune system. Hindrances to proper function causing stagnation in lymphatic circulation come from ongoing exhaustion, stress, shock, infections, chemical input from drugs or foods, lack of physical activity. Hastening of the aging process and physical breakdown are the results.

The Electro-Lymphatic Drainage effects a swift, safe, and natural method of eliminating lymphatic toxins. It assists the body in achieving a free flow of proteins within the lymph system.

The treatment is non-invasive technology, using extremely low current and negatively charged light photons, providing compatible frequencies to the blocked areas. This results in release of electrically bonded protein blockages by causing molecules to repel each other.

The imbalanced condition is corrected as cells disassociate themselves from the binding agent responsible for the swelling and blockage. Rapid movement of waste material occurs within the cell and the delivery of the waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal is greatly increased. Clearing the lymph system, a component of the immune system, significantly enhances the efficiency of the body to deal with pathological conditions.

You may notice that you pass urine immediately following treatment. Some people will move urine within 3-5 hours. You may notice your urine is darker or has a strong odor. This is temporary; tissue detoxification results in a natural but accelerated method for eliminating toxins and reestablishing a balance of flow.

You may notice fatigue the day of and the day after treatment. This is normal as the body is working hard to detoxify.

Be sure to drink large amounts of purified water during the rest of the day of treatment. Drink the same amount on the day of your next visit, prior to your electro-lymphatic drainage treatment.

If any uncomfortable kidney/bladder symptoms arise, place a bunch of flat-leaf parsley in a quart of distilled water; bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes; turn off heat, cover pot. Drink ½-1 cup every 30-60 minutes until feeling better (hot or cold).


-Start with gentle neck rotation and shoulder rolls.

-Gently massage the area above the collarbone for 30 seconds, finishing with gentle stroking from the neck down.

-Apply 30 seconds of gentle massage to the armpits and finish with gentle massaging of the breasts.

-Take 10 deep belly breaths, slowly sticking out the belly with each inhalation, using the diaphragm. This stimulates the deep lymphatics to work in the abdomen and will even help with swollen ankles.

-Gently massage the inguinal area (the crease where the leg joins the body). This area drains everything from the waist down, including lower back pain and herniated discs, reproductive organs, including prostate enlargement, bladder, legs and ankles.