Order menu from our delicious
pH CAFE "We are what we eat"

Email orders order at least 24 hours in advance

to liphebalance@gmail.com

Breakfast Menu:

• Avocado, coconut, cucumber, lemon, lime smoothie.

• Green juice and almond milk cinnamon energy drink.

• Cucumber, tomato, avocado special hemp seed dressing and seed salad.

Lunch Menu:

• Salads from the garden with Ana's amazing green goddess dressing.

• Other dressings available upon request to purchase as well such as Pepita and

• Sunshine dressings.

Dinner Menu:

• Eggplant Parmesean with almond cheese

• Brussel sprouts with vidalia onions

• Ezekial pizzas are some of the exciting dinner choices

A la carte to purchase:

• Fresh organic raw Almond milk

• Sprouted Alkaline crackers

• Almond cheese

• Pecan Pate

• Guacamole

• Alkaline Sushi

• Flax /onion crackers

• Zucchini Hummus/Red Pepper Hummus

• Raw Tomato Sauce and/or vegetable pasta

We sell Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed butter, milk and Oils as well.

Snacks Menu:

• On site-Avocado-coconut ice-cream


• Specials to be added