Alkaline Chef Ana Rivadeniera

'for Cooking Lessons and Orders'

Ana Rivadeniera was trained first hand by the chefs at the pH Miracle Center as well as her innate ability to create the most delicious and healthy dishes. Please call for cooking lessons in groups or privately as well as pH kitchen take-out orders

Raw organic Almond Cheese_________1 pound = $17.00

Raw Tomato Sauce_________________1 quart = $15.00

Almond Crackers__________Prices According to Quantity

Soups Green and Red______According to size $20-$25.00

Sprouted Crackers___________________1 bag = $12.00

Raw Almond Milk____________________1 liter = $17.00

Pecan Pate________________________________$12.00

Full Lunches and Dinners including salads and main dishes are available. Some main dishes are spaghetti squash with raw tomato sauce, curried vegies over quinoa.