Robbyne LaPlant

At home in her San Clemente sanctuary, Robbyne facilitates inner journeys through a wide variety of celebrations, workshops and private sessions. Full moon meditations and Sabbat celebrations such as the Winter Solstice or Spring Equinox are experienced collectively. She is the Guardian and Caretaker of her backyard sanctuary which includes a sacred Medicine Wheel and an enchanted garden that she freely shares with those who gather. Robbyne also offers a number of private sessions focused on assisting individuals through transitional tines of growth, times of uncertainty or emotional upheaval. By connecting to ones spirit guides, guardian angels and soul essence she is able to bring forth messages to provide clarity, understanding, healing and direction when one feels unable to move forward. These sessions are available by appointment at her home office but must be scheduled in advance. Phone or web cam sessions are also available for international clients and those out of the area.

Because of her extensive travels and knowledge shared throughout the world by holy men and women of all faiths, Robbyne offers a diverse opportunity in each of her workshops and celebrations to gain an understanding of multiple cultures and beliefs. Her travels have confirmed that we must embrace one another and that we truly miss so much that can enrich our lives but choosing to only experience one culture or one religion. Our world is rich in traditions and rituals from every land. The common thread that is found everywhere is the desire to be loved, express love and experience happiness.

Robbyn Leplant Seaman 2

Her personal journey has allowed her to assist thousands with their own personal journeys, bringing each soul to its greater potential. She travels the world, teaching and providing personal sessions to give guidance when one is at a crossroads bringing messages of hope and direction. Possessing psychic abilities since her childhood she prefers to be known only as a messenger and teacher.

Robbyne LaPlant