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Chocolate Avocado Pudding

It was peters birthday and cake and sweets were off limits. The chocolate avocado pudding was the right touch. Thank you for the recipe. Barbara I had a great time. These few days allowed me to focus again on my own health and just relax.

Thank you Louise Sullivan
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I learned more in 3 days at LipHe Balance than I did in 5 days (x2) at Canyon Ranch! And it was a better value! This experience really inspired me to treat myself better! Barbara has found the "best of the best" in terms of products, services and resources. Her passion to move everyone to a better, healthier place is contagious but not obnoxious. She and her team help you to enjoy the journey to a healthier you!

Lynne Marino Financial Advisor
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No matter where you are on your journey of wellness, nutrition and healthy eating, you can learn and benefit from the "Liquid Feast" program. For me personally "The Liquid Feast" left me feeling like a "reset" button had been pushed, allowing me to find my own healthy balance with diet, nutrition and exercise. I was given the tools to recharge and revitalize my body, feeling more energized and alert within days of starting the program. Not only are the three facilitators (kudos to them!) extremely knowledgable on the subjects of nutrition, alkalinity vs. acidity, diet, healthy recipes, exercise, and many topics related to the mind/body connection, but they are genuinely nurturing and deeply interested in assisting one in having a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. I have already incorporated many learnings into my daily routine: eating more consciously and deliciously, drinking more (and ph balanced) water, and having more awareness around nutritious life and health affirming foods. Thank you Barbara, Andrea and Laura for your commitment to emotional, physical and spiritual health.

-Anthony Smokovich
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During Barbara's liquid feast I lost 13 lbs!!  It just showed me how "sick" my body was.  Once I followed Barbara's guidelines and suggestions and turned my acidic body into an alkaline body, it just released all the toxic weight it was carrying.  I've incorporated Barbara's recipes, suggestions for overall care for my body and some of her supplements into my daily regimen and have never felt better.  It's amazing!  Most of all though, Barbara was with me every step of the way.  She is so caring.  Within moments of any question I emailed her she responded.  She never let me down.  I cannot thank the LipheBalance center enough for all they do!! I will continue to have them in my life as my journey to better health continues-they are too much of an amazing asset not to have on my team guiding me!

-Jen M.
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For the last 40 years of my life I have felt over-stressed, drained of energy, emotionally shot and over-weight. I tried every diet, pills, junk food that I could to feel better and nothing worked. However one conversation changed my life, when I met Barbara while sitting in yet another doctor’s office. She told me about the blood cell analysis and the cleanse she was doing the following week so I signed up right there and then. After a few days of feeling less than crummy I began to get my energy back and after a few exercise sessions with Laura began to sleep better at night and feel a whole lot less stressed. I know I still have a ways to go but I know I am on the right path. With the support of the Liphe Balance Staff I feel I am finally getting somewhere and have even lost 15 stubborn pounds in the process! I highly recommend this program to anyone who really wants to improve and who is tired of being sick and tired.!

-With Love and Appreciation,
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I've dropped over 3 dress sizes since the July cleanse! Never felt better, have abundant energy, need less sleep and accomplish more in my day. Dr. Young's teachings and protocol as well as the amazing support of Barbara, Inas and Laura at the Liphe Balance Center have made this transformation a reality. Thanks to all - forever grateful!

-Deidre Dorrington
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Hi Barbara,
It was a pleasure for me as well, and I am so thankful for all I learned and experienced regarding how I can improve my health and stay balanced, I look forward to future events that you will host, and receiving periodic emails. You and Inas certainly appear to have the ideal personality and drive to coach and encourage people as they aim to improve their health naturally.

-Ken Preston
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Hi, Barbara.  I enjoyed my visit with you yesterday. I very much appreciated that you helped me feel comfortable and welcome; I felt like I was visiting a friend as much as a professional.  Your warm manner and nonjudgmental attitude were exactly what I needed.  I'm also pleased with the supplements you recommended for me. I'm looking forward to receiving the photos of the blood analysis so I can share them with my husband. I went ahead and began a cleanse today (at least to the extent I can here at home).  The techniques and recipes Ane showed me were very helpful; she also gave me some very welcome information - like how to open a young coconut and when an avocado is best bought.

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Mind set, determination and the Phlavor salt spray, Alkablast made the ride up those CT hills effortless. Using the oil prior to the event was key and the PH advice I received from you and Inas stating it WAS possible to do the 25 miles on a bike while on the cleanse.The advise after from you, "Barbie' was great..jump into the Infra Red Saune..sweat it out and take the Alkablast before and after....absolutely zero aches and pains and incredible stamina throughout the ride. Thank you 

-Jackie Stein
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   Dear Barbara:

I came to the "Liphe Balance" with great trepidation. Having been elsewhere( to accredited places like Hippocrates) and being so disappointed in the lack of care and results, I was very leery about making another attempt for a life free of pain and misery. I thought I world just have to bear this awful pain. My daughter brought me into your driveway and I felt as if a magnet were drawing me in. Your center and grounds became a haven in my chaotic world. I relaxed a bit and entered our home and felt a spiritual serenity that calmed me straight away. You introduced me to Inas, and immediately the two of you enfolded me in hope. Into the kitchen to meet Ana and we sat at the table as if we were already family..I WAS with family.. And so I came to you for 4 days and wish I could have stayed the whole 3 weeks to detox properly. Unrushed, accepted for who I am, enfolded in care and love, I started the program. It was not just the beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings, but the pleasure you took in explaining how you could help me. And help me, you did(are still) The program was not easy when you used to living the way I did. But I value it because even now(only 7 days later) the changes in my body are worth every moment. You have the most knowledgeable, understanding people for periphery work as well. The staff are friendly, agreeable, cordial, good humored, hospitable, gracious, obliging , sympathetic but most importantly expert in each field of endeavor. In all, it was much more then I expected by far.

So I thank you Barbara and Inas, Ana,Laura and Rose for a new lease on life.

-Ruth Amiel
-Purchase, New York
-July 2010
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I feel great! - within my limits of course. I got through this, a more serious surgery, easier than ANY past surgeries - got out of hospital earlier, no extra little drain tubes, NO GLUCOSE, NO CT at all, no blood loss like they were stressing so much about.... So many of my visitors kept saying - " you don't look like you've even been through surgery! U look great. Alert! Like yur not sick. Yur skin looks great!" There's no doubt in my mind this regimen you put me on is what's helping. My hgb was 14 when I first went in Monday am, but then dropped. He is a bit puzzled about that because blood loss was not a problem. There were many times when he seemed cautious in what he said, and I couldn't help but wonder if what was going on in his mind was amazement and wondering if he should give credit to this protocol or maybe not. I was up everyday walking all over my floor of the hospital, felt great, was sitting up in bed Indian style chit-chatting with a friend (that was one time I got one of those puzzled "I'm not sure what I should say" looks) I continued my puriphy and water, glutathione, dephense, and D-3 through entire hospital stay.

-Lucy Raeside
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Yesterday I visited the Liphe Balance Center ("ph" as in "f" or "life") in Weston, Connecticut, (http://www.liphebalance.com/index.php) not far from my home in Stamford. There was a time when visiting would have been a problem, what with the demands of my once-successful New York City-based career. Now it just meant arranging a babysitter for my Alzheimer's-stricken mother. I was able to drop mom off at the after-school play rehearsal of Aladdin that my art-teacher daughter and her music-teacher partner were directing. And mom was seeming just a tad steadier and more with it perhaps due to the coconut oil smoothee I had been feeding her (http://coconutketones.blogspot.com/). But more on that another day.

"How about 2:30," said Barbara, the director of Liphe Balance Center. She mentioned that she'd be wrapping up with the alkaline feast/fast for the clients who had signed up for her week-long alkalinizing cleanse. She would have a chance to talk and show me around then.

Well it was beautiful. A masterpiece. Warm, welcoming, womanly, not New Age-y pretentious, slick, or superficial, but truly lovely, serene, healing, and fun. It was a house with a woman at home. Different vibe entirely from the profit-at-all-costs model, yet extremely polished and well done. I met Barbara's alkaline cook, her staff, and some of her clients. But maybe best of all was Barbara herself. How can I say this without sounding like a narcissist? Can't be done, so I won't try. She reminded me of me. Only younger, thinner, and less fiscally challenged. But, our outlooks were so similar. Both of us are dedicated to spreading the word. Both of us want to see this way of eating and living come out of the gilt closet of elitism and costliness. Both of us have experienced the profound changes in health, energy, and world view that come with having faced serious dis-ease and alkaline-balanced our way out of it.

When she asked me what she could do for me, I said that I was really looking to create and be a part of an alkaline support community. And it had become clear pretty quickly that Liphe Balance Center would be a big part of my community. With the many wonderful alk-world services the center offers, I see my lonely life as an alkaline warrior woman coming to an end. But then, as is the way of people with shared interests, we came to find that our lives were even more connected.

After having some success getting my health and my blood cleaned up through alkaline eating, I mused to a friend that I would love to share the extraordinary benefits of alkaline living with someone in need. To stop and pass on the goodness had not been a particular goal of mine in the years spent scrambling to earn a living, getting the kids through college, and survive a corporate life in the city that was lucrative, demanding, and cutthroat. But that was before the polyp. It changed everything. The goddess of health had been trying to get my attention for years, and she had finally had to come beating the door down. Having been given another chance, I went full throttle alkaline. And eventually decided to preach the gospel.

-The pHaerie Godmother
-April 5, 2011
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You'd be proud of me...I attended a reception at someone's home last night that was catered with champagne, wine, Perrier and hors d'oevres (luckily not a sit-down dinner). I had: Perrier, celery sticks, red and yellow pepper strips, and asparagus spears. I declined the turkey, salmon, sausage and cheese sticks. I'm sure no one noticed or thought anything of it if they did. The most amazing part is how easy it was, how I wasn't even tempted by the other things and how satisfied I felt with what I ate. Can this really be me??? You and Barbara are doing a good job!

-April 7, 2011