Effect on Posture

When using the VibraFlex®, the body tries to keep the head and body steady and upright. All the muscles that keep the body in this position are forced to react to the oscillatory movements provided by VibraFlex®, thus exercising them. The 25 Hz speed of the VibraFlex® produces 1,500 repetitions per minute, and therefore a very strong training effect. Additional reflex benefits can be achieved by adding voluntary movements such as squatting, rotating the hips, moving the arms, etc. during the VibraFlex® session.

Effect on Muscle

As a result of the muscle contractions required in response to the VibraFlex® stimulation, muscle strength and tone increases over time. Both inter- and intra-muscular coordination is improved. Additional strength benefits can be achieved by wearing weight vests, holding dumbbells, etc. during the VibraFlex® session. The VibraFlex® effect on muscles is similar to that of other powered exercise devices, such as treadmills and bicycles.

Effect on Bones

Bone structure responds to exercise according to the Wolffian Law of Function. In particular, growth and maintenance of shaft and trabeculae are controlled by the strains placed on the bones. In general, stronger muscles mean stronger bones. The VibraFlex®'s effect on bone is similar to other powered exercise devices such as treadmills and bicycles.

Added Benefit

The VibraFlex® achieves this very high repetition rate (25 Hz) without much physical effort by the user. The body as a whole is not moving horizontally, as is required in walking and running; nor is it moving vertically, as is required in stair climbing, sit-ups, rings, etc. It is the body-as-a-whole movement that taxes the cardiopulmonary system and usually limits the exercise session. Since the VibraFlex® does not require whole body movement, it is not so limited and can therefore deliver many more repetitions per unit time and per exercise session. Below is a list of additional benefits proven in published studies using our vibration technology.

• Develops explosive power essential in sports such as baseball, basketball, or football

• Improves muscle power, muscle strength & tone

• Increases overall muscle performance

• Increases blood flow warming/cooling the muscle before/after a game

• Increases oxygenation in the blood

• Raises testosterone level (7%) allows fast-twitch white muscle fibers to fully recover at a quicker rate

• Raises growth hormone level (361%) essential to repairing and regenerating tissue

• Lowers cortisol level (32%) which helps minimize the effects of stress

• Washes out lactic acid and amino acids in the body

• Eliminates the effects of stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, compared to conventional exercise

• Reduces acute and chronic lower back pain due to muscle strain

• Stimulates the neuromuscular system and helps to deepen and redevelop the neuromuscular pathways

• Less stress on the cardiovascular system

• Improves postural reflexes

• Increases flexibility

• Increases range of motion essential in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball or hockey

• Improves balance & coordination

• Improves mobility due to the natural locomotor cross-over pattern of vibration


VibraFlex 560

ORTHOMETRIX, INC. has developed the VibraFlex® 560 using our internationally patented Galileo vibration technology which causes the device to function in the specific uni-directional, oscillating pattern. The VibraFlex® 560 is defining a new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at a specific frequency, typically 25-27 Hz. Targeted muscles are given 25-27 impulses per second, causing them to contract and relax by the natural, involuntary, muscle stretch reflex, 25-27 times per second. At this optimal range, a one minute therapy session will produce 1,500 contract/relax cycles.

You can now adjust your frequency settings from three different locations on the VibraFlex® 560: control console, remote control or at the base. This is an essential tool as your broaden your vibration training.

The VibraFlex® 560 has a unique built-in frequency shuffle function which challenges you to respond. It keeps you engaged and forces you to focus on balance and coordination. You can also pick from four preset training programs or manually adjust the frequency to fit your level of intensity.

The VibraFlex® 560 was designed to allow you to benefit from exercise without the constraints of conventional exercise (i.e. stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, numerous repetitions, etc.). Therapy sessions of only 2-3 minutes, twice a week produce measurable results. Don't let a debilitating condition due to injury or disease (i.e. arthritis, incontinence, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease) stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest.